Multivitamin for Overall Health 60 ct. VITAFIVE


Multivitamin for Overall Health 60 ct. VITAFIVE

PROMOTES OVERALL HEALTH Multivitamins support the overall health for leading concerns. Vitafive provides 100% of your daily value on a number of the major vitamins, vitafive's multivitamin is a great choice. With vitamins that promote hair growth, energy, immune system repair, this multivitamin has a number of benefits. AMAZING TASTE vitafive's delicious Multivitamin gummies are amazing tasting and fun to take. No vitamin aftertaste. Easiest way and most delicious way to get your multivitamin. 3rd PARTY TESTED. Our multivitamin goes through two 3rd party tests to make sure the efficacy is up to our vitafive standard. PREMIUM INGREDIENTS Vitafive provides high quality vitamins and ingredients. We use pectin (gelatin-free) which allows our multivitamin gummy to be vegetarian, gluten-free, and allergen free (major 7). These gummies start disolving at the mouth and help to get in the system quicker for better results. NATURAL FLAVORS AND COLORS We use a natural ingredients to get the delicious and vibrant colors in our orange, cherry, and strawberry multivitamin make vitafive's multivitamin one of the best tasting vitamins.

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